What is SnapSkan?

SnapSkan is a service by Nokian Tyres that aims at improving road safety through driving awareness of your tires' condition and their impact on safety. The service is completely free of charge and it can be used by anyone regardless of the vehicle make and model or tire brand.

Is SnapSkan scanning free of charge?

Yes, SnapSkan scanning and the related service can be used for free. Parking garages price their parking services individually. You can also request a free scan using a handheld SnapSkan scanner at many Vianor service centers which you can find at snapskan.fi.

How do I sign up for the service?

Sign up by entering your vehicle registration number at www.snapskan.fi.

Do I need to order a SnapSkan report every time I drive over the scanner?

No you do not. Once you sign up for the service, you will automatically receive a link to your tire report after a new scan but at most once per month. If you want to order tire reports more frequently, you can do that by signing in.

What kind of data is collected and stored concerning SnapSkan users?

In connection with each scan, we store the scanning result, vehicle registration number, scanning time, and data identifying the scanner. The collected data is deleted automatically from the system after seven (7) days if the driver has not signed up for the service by that time. The system does not store any photographs or other data concerning the vehicle or passengers.

When signing up for the service, you also need to provide your email address for verification purposes. SnapSkan’s terms & conditions and privacy policy comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation, and they can be accessed at the footer of the service website at www.snapskan.fi. We never contact users for marketing purposes without their explicit consent.

Why am I not receiving a tire condition report even though I have signed up?

Sometimes, the scanning result cannot be delivered due to technological or other reasons. Some reasons for failing to deliver a report: the vehicle registration number could not be read (due to dirt or snow), all four tires could not be measured (a tire did not pass over the scanner) or, if several cars drive over the scanner consecutively, the system did not manage to scan all of them. The tire report is updated automatically when there is a successful measurement.

Why is the tread depth in the report lower than my own measurement?

For safety reasons, the result in the SnapSkan report is based on the most worn tire. The result for individual tires is the mean value for the measured main groove treads rounded to the nearest millimeter. Click the tires in the report to see detailed measurement results for that tire. Example: Measured tire grooves: 5.5 mm, 4.6mm, 5.7 mm, 5.4mm Mean: 5.45 mm Rounded value: 5 mm

Once a driver has signed up for the system, can they delete their data from the system?

Yes, they can. After a user deletes their data, all of their previous reports are also deleted permanently.

How do I change the contact information I have stated to the service?

The contact information stated to the service can be changed in follow way. Delete the contact information you want to change at www.snapskan.no/opt-out. Then register again to the service with the updated contact information at www.snapskan.no